Tri-State 401K Administrators was formed in 1999 and is headquartered in Henderson, Kentucky. We are an experienced retirement plan service provider with a strong commitment to maintaining a high level of service to our clients.

The Foundation of a good retirement plan is the strength of its investments and the advice of the investment professional. We work with employers and  investment professionals to bring streamlined TPA (Third Party Administrator) services which provides a complete retirement program for a company’s employees. We understand the tax considerations and advantages of these plans. We can help direct you to the choices that will minimize your tax liability and maximize employee satisfaction.

What is a TPA?

A TPA or Third Party Administrator is a company that administers employee benefit plans for employers. Third party indicates that the TPA is independent from any particular investment fund or other products or services related to employee retirement plans.

A TPA’s purpose is to serve their clients by assisting in the design of a retirement plan that best fits the needs of the employer, which include plan document preparation and any necessary amendments. They also assist in taking care of day to day business such as loans, hardship withdrawals, termination distributions, contributions, and annual compliance testing.

TPA’s also gather information through the employer (Plan Sponsor) to prepare the summary of Annual Reports, and 5500 tax reporting required by the IRS and the Department of Labor.